Brake tools



Fluid line stopper tool, set of 2. CTA brand.
Fluid stopper tool, set of 2. Prevents fluid from leaking from open brake hoses and hard lines while you have them disconnected. One end works with banjo fittings, other end works with threaded or flared fittings.
Motive Brake Bleeder
Pressure tank brake bleeder tool. Tank holds 2 liters of fluid, hand pump and gauge allow precise control of pressure. Cap threads onto fluid reservoirs of most European cars. Makes brake bleeding a one-man operation, eliminates the possibility of damaging the master cylinder from pumping the pedal, and works better than vacuum pumps. Just pour a can of fluid into the tank, screw the cap onto your car's fluid reservoir, pump it up, and open the bleeder valves. It's that simple! See our Chemicals & Lubricants section for original equipment and performance brake fluids. Fits all Mercedes-Benz models, can also be used on other cars with universal adapter kit below.
Motive brake fluid catch bottle
Motive brake fluid catch bottle. Sold individually. The perfect companion to the Motive pressure bleeder. The clear flexible tubing attaches to caliper's bleeder nipple and allows you to check for bubbles, and the bottle catches the fluid expelled from the caliper and eliminates the mess. Also includes a stainless steel lanyard to suspend the bottle from a suspension component, freeing your hands.
Motive pressure bleeder universal adapter kit
Motive pressure bleeder universal adapter kit. Includes everything you need to convert the Motive power bleeder to work on most non-European imported cars, including Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru. Also fits all other cars with a round hydraulic fluid reservoir smaller than 3.5 inches across, including most late model GM, FORD, and Chrysler vehicles.

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