Engine and valvetrain



Fluid line stopper tool, set of 2. CTA brand.
Fluid stopper tool, set of 2. Prevents fluid from leaking from open steering hoses, oil hoses, etc while you have them disconnected. One end works with banjo fittings, other end works with threaded or flared fittings.
Offset O2 sensor wrench. CTA brand.
Offset O2 sensor wrench - Compact size and crows-foot design allow it to fit into confined areas and around obstacles. For all 2 1/8" body O2 sensors regardless of plug size. Fits 3/8" drive tools.
Valve seal removal pliers. CTA brand.
Valve seal removal pliers - Narrow design allows access to valve stem seals even in the tight confines of 4 and 5 valve per cylinder heads. Features serrated tips for a positive grip on the seal and heat-treated steel construction. For most overhead cam models

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