Fuel injection tools



Fluid line stopper tool, set of 2. CTA brand.
Fluid stopper tool, set of 2. Prevents fluid from leaking from open fuel lines and hoses while you have them disconnected. One end works with banjo fittings, other end works with threaded or flared fittings.
Fuel system pressure test kit, Bosch CIS and CIS-E. CTA brand.
Tests fuel pressure in Bosch CIS and CIS-E based systems. Includes gauge, hose assembly and quick-connect brass adapters. 90mm gauge is calibrated for 5-145 psi and 25-1000 kPa.
Test harness for Bosch CIS-E and Motronic
Test harness for Bosch CIS-E and Motronic systems - Allows easy hookup of multimeter to measure milliamps of current at differential pressure regulator. Equivalent to VW special tool # 1315A/1
Bosch CIS fuel injector puller
Bosch CIS fuel injector puller - Easily removes fuel injectors without stressing fuel lines. Pulls on the injector body, not the line. Works on most 8V CIS and CIS-E models by using a screwdriver as a lever. Can be adapted to VW 16V models CIS-E and Motronic models as well
Offset O2 sensor wrench. CTA brand.
Offset O2 sensor wrench - Compact size and crows-foot design allow it to fit into confined areas and around obstacles.

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