Volkswagen - Jetta 3, 2.0L 8V, '93-99 ***w/ manual transmission***
Part image Shift bushing kit Includes bushings and neoprene washers
Part image Shifter lever pivot rebuild kit For pivot point of shift lever in car
Part image Relay lever repair kit. Includes relay lever, bolt and nut, two bushings and two neoprene washers. Pivots on bracket on transmission, the selector rods attach to this lever.
Part image Shifter rebuild kit. Includes shift lever pivot assembly, shift linkage bushings, selector rods, relay shaft, and neoprene washers. Includes all common wear items, see photo.
Part image Shift linkage alignment tool Equal to VW tool number 3285 and 3104. This tool makes the job of adjusting the shift linkage easier by holding shift lever in the correct position while you're under the hood or under the car adjusting the linkage.

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